A high - powered leviathan of dance music


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"A high-powered leviathan of dance music. "
Pete M.

 Radio Urgentfm 105.3   
                           7 december 2018


Latest release:

 - October 12  2018                                           

'Weird As Fuck / Turned On T.D.'

​​ - April 5  2018                                           

single, vinyl 12"​

 Shuriken Records
BurtNinja out of Belgium is the releasing artist and owner of Shuriken Records and quite an exception in his country as producer of a musical genre called ‘Hard House U.K.‘ A subgenre of House Music born out of the UK in the
early 90’s that just wont flourish overseas.
A thumping beat and a menacing bass line are the basic ingredients, combined with energetic techno, house and various rave music styles. He puts his own on those styles by incorporating traces of psychedelic Acid Trance,
gritty and aggressive Nu-NRG and modern elements of EDM. He’s one of the few, but probably even the only producer over there who’s doing this style of electronic dance music.
Similar artists like BurtNinja include: Anne Savage, Lab4, Dynamic Intervention and Andy Farley.​​​​​​​​​
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 Shuriken Records
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